In 2007, my employer LVM Versicherung sponsored a visit at Systems 2007. It was fun meeting a lot of people, representing companies from the very small up to really huge ones.

I had a talk about „using Cacti“, of course. But another one was dedicated to my humble view of possible approaches to the use of open source in commercial environments.

In 2010, I was asked by Würth Phoenix to talk about Cacti at Conference on Nagios & Open Source Monitoring 2010. The conference was held in Bozen, Italy. Well, the site was fantastic and a huge crowd of people from many different countries were attending: more than 400 attendees have been counted!

In 2011, Open Source Monitoring Conference was held at Nuremberg, Germany. My talk was again sponsored by LVM Versicherung.

In summer 2012, The Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association were asking for a video session. Well, this was a very new experience for me, sitting at my laptop, using a web cam and talking to a bunch of people sitting in Dublin. To be honest, I can’t recommend doing so. It is quite impossible to see, how the audience is reacting to the presentation. Next time, I hope to be on-site and have some Irish Beer.

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