Based on an idea of an excited Cacti user,, the first pan-european Cacti Community Conference was held in 2006. We met at Linuxhotel, a very nice location in Essen, Germany. We met for 2 days, exchanging our knowledge about Cacti and monitoring. followed in 2007 and again, many people from all over Europe attended. took place in 2008.

At in 2009, a big surprise was waiting for all attendees: Frizz, the conference coordinator, prepared T-Shirts for all of us, proudly presenting an image that had been published along with an article on Cacti in a german computer magazine.

The last conference,, was held in 2010. Although requests for a next conference have been received from time to time we have not been able to run another one. In case any one wants to volunteer for arranging the next conference, don’t hesitate to call.


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